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What is H-2A Visa program?

Are you a farmer in need of seasonal or temporary laborers to help with planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops but can't find any domestic workers?

The H-2A temporary agricultural workers program, often known as the H-2A visa program, assists American farmers by allowing them to hire employees from other nations to fill job vacancies.

About H-2A Visa

Employers who foresee a shortage of domestic workers might use the H-2A temporary agricultural program to send foreign workers to the United States to conduct temporary or seasonal agricultural work, such as planting, growing, or harvesting.

Temporary or seasonal agricultural labor can be found on farms, plantations, ranches, nurseries, ranges, greenhouses, orchards, among other places, depending on the type of work you require.

1. Seasonal work occurs when you require more assistance than usual due to an occurrence or pattern that is related to a specific time of year, such as a short annual growing cycle.

2. Temporary labor is limited to one year.

You may not be eligible for the program if you have been affected by a strike, job stoppage, or layoff within 60 days of when work will begin. For our spanish brothers do check adan vega abogado de inmigracion, for the immigration process.

Member of the program

To be a member of the program, you must work diligently with your State Workforce Agency to attract U.S. workers. Your job order will be publicly posted by the State Workforce Agency in order to recruit U.S. workers. You must accept eligible U.S. worker referrals who apply for the position, and you must also contact any former U.S. employees at their last known address. When a competent American worker applies, you must hire them for at least half of the work duration indicated in the job contract. There is no longer any affirmative obligation to hire after 50 percent.

h2a visa cost

Labor Certification processing sole employers labour certification costs a $100 application fee+$10 per certified worker. Non-Immigrant worker Petitions costs a filing fee of $460. H-2A Visa consulate fee costs $190 per worker, border stamp fee costs $6 per worker, agent fees cost up to $100 per worker. Transportation from home country to work site may costs somewhere between $400-$650 per worker. And you can add miscellaneous costs of association fees if applicable, around $200 and housing and liveable fittings to $9000 to $13,000 per worker. For spanish brothers cuales son los mejores abogados de inmigracion en houston tx, it's the best.